How To Start Phone Accessories Business.

Nigeria has over 100 million mobile phone lines, making it Africa's largest telecoms market, according to statistics by the Nigerian Communications Commission. If Nigeria has a population of about 150 million, then it means in every three persons two have a mobile phone in Nigeria.

When thinking of a small scale business in Nigeria that you can start with small capital, one of them is the selling of phone accessories like phone covers, chargers, battery, bluetooth device (handsfree), memory card, USB cord, screen guard and phone jacket. This is a business that you can run from any part of the country whether in the big cities or in the villages, as long as there is a mobile telecommunication network coverage in the area then you can run the business there. It is a profitable business so long you do your feasibility studies very well before you start.

You can start up this business with small capital, and the risk involved in running this business is minimal compared to some other business out there.

If you want to be successful in this business, you need to have a knowledge of the different phone accessories. You should be up to date with the latest and trending phones. You as a business owner should be familiar with all the brands of cell phones like Nokia, Blackbery, Samsung, I-Phone, Techno and their accessories.

The capital needed for this business is for the purchase of the goods and for the overhead expenses. (The major overhead expenses is for the rented space to be used for the business).
But if you don't have capital for a rented space you can get a free space where you can display your goods in a display glass, then get a big umbrella to act as a canopy to cover your goods.

You have to do a feasibilty study to know the type of phone accessories you will be selling.
From your studies you will know the phone that is mostly used in that location and the accessories to go for. Remember, the location of your business will determine the type of accessories you will be selling. There are some places if you buy accessories for Blackbery Z10 and I-Phone 5 to sell, you may never be able to sell them for eternity, because the people that uses such phones are not in that geographic location.

You have to also decide on where to get your supply from, and how to get it. The major markets for phone accessories for those buying in bulk in Nigeria is at Ikeja and Onitsha, but you can look for other places close to you where you can get at a favourable wholesale price.

Try to buy as low as possible then sell as high as you can, and be able to price your goods in order to make profit.

It is good to consider traffic when siting your shop or store, because siting it in a place with high traffic is the best. The reason is that the more goods you sell in a day the quicker you get your money back to re-invest it back into the business, and that leads to more profit.
Your store or stand should be located in an open place where it will be visible to passers-by and very accessible too. You can use a banner to let people know about your business.

1. A shop.
(If you don't have capital for a shop you can get an open space, and build a stand using an umbrella canopy).

2. A display glass and wall rack to display your goods.

3. Chair and Table

I hope this was helpful. For comments and questions feel free to use the comment box.
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