Computer Center Business in Nigeria.


You will hardly find a major road or street in Nigeria today where you
don't find a computer center popularly known as a business center.

Despite the high competition in this business, it is still one of the
most lucrative small scale business in Nigeria, because people will
always typeset and print, scan, photocopy, and laminate their

This is another great small business idea you can start with small
capital. It is not only easy to run but it is also a sustainable

You can make much money running this business to the level you are
willing and able to invest in it.

Before I continue let us consider the services that are rendered in a
computer center or business center. They are;

1. Typesetting.

2. Printing.

3. Photocopying.

4. Laminating.

5. Spiral binding.

6. Scanning.

7. Training. (Optional)

It is good to site this business in a busy road or street, or area
where there is much offices or close to a tertiary institution.


1. Typesetting and Printing.
Typesetting and printing goes for about N50 to N200 a page, depending
on the number of pages you want and the source of power. You will be
charged more if the business center is running their business on

2. Photocopying
Photocopying of documents goes for like N10 a page depending on the
number of pages you want to photocopy and the source of power.

3. Laminating
Laminating of document goes for like N100 to N200 per document
depending on the size of the document.

4. Spiral Binding
Spiral binding goes for like N200 to N400 depending on the size of the document.

5. Scanning
Scanning of documents is about N150 to N200 per document.

6. Training (Optional)
You can integrate training of students into your Computer center
business. You can offer different courses on computer education and IT
training. Students pay as much as N20,000 for 3 months depending on
the type of courses.

There is so much opportunity to make money running this business, as
your source of income is diversified in such a way that customers
don't come for just one particular services, it can be either to
typeset and print, or to photocopy, or to laminate, or to spiral bind,

This is a good small scale business to invest on.

The followings are equipments needed in a standard business center. They are;

1. Computer.
2. Printer.
3. Scanner.
4. Photocopier.
5. Laminating machine.
6. Spiral binding machine.
7. Paper cutter.
8. UPS (Uninterrupted power supply).
9. Generator set.

With accomodation and equipments, you can invest as low as N150,000
into this business and as much as N1,000,000 for startup depending on
the location you want to set it up and to what scale you want to take
your business center.

You don't need to go for brand new equipments for a start if you don't
have much capital. But whatever you are going for that is not brand
new, it is advisable you seek the advice of a repairer before you pay,
e.g a Photocopier.

And if you dont have much capital for startup you can start with one
computer first, and if you can't offer all the services yet because of
capital, buy the equipments for the ones you need and can afford, drop
others you don't have capital for yet.
In other words, you can start with typesetting, printing, and
photocopying, if you don't have capital for spiral binding, scanning,
and laminating equipments, then later as you begin to grow your
business you will add other services to it.

You will need to acquire the necessary knowledge. You have to be a
computer literate and proficient in window base applications.

If you intend to run it big, you will need to recruit staffs to
assisst you. If you are going to be running a training too, hire a
competent teacher.

Lastly register your business name and get the necessary license for operation.

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9 December 2013 16:58

Can you recommend a good photocopier?

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